Last Friday we had a team swim at the new Kings Cross Pond Club - a natural bathing pond right in the middle of the King's Cross development in central London.  The pond water is purified through a natural closed-loop process, using wetland and submerged water plants to filter and keep the water clear. It is quite a unique experience, part pool, part art installation but I came away thinking that I probably wouldn't become a regular visitor. It's a great idea and setting but the pool shape is not ideal if you want a swim work-out. This felt like a missed opportunity. There's a growing community of residents and workers in the area so a pool could be really popular. 

You can find this pool (#3 below) along with pools all over the world on our swim app, Speedo Fit (in partnership with Speedo). Thanks Jamie and team for maintaining and growing the pool database - it's probably the world's most comprehensive and accurate thanks to their hard work and dedication.