Introduced a few years back our first app - called 'Splashpath' was built by our founder,  ‘Swimmer Dan’ in his bedroom back in 2011 and was enjoyed by swimmers up and down the UK.

It proved a real success in the UK and was Apple's No 1 Health & Fitness App in 2011. In 2013 we announced an exclusive 4-year global partnership with Speedo International and 'Splashpath' became 'Speedo Fit', now available globally and since then many new international swimmers have joined our existing UK swimming community.

Whenever you started swimming with us, we’d like to thank you for your incredible loyalty and support.  

Collectively, our international community of almost 350,000 swimmers have recorded over 2 million swims, clocking up an incredible distance of 3 billion meters (that’s the equivalent of 76 times around world). 

At the end of the year, our agreement with Speedo came to an end and we have returned to our independent roots and changed the app name to SwimIO. Speedo also have some new developments in the pipeline so if you would like to register and be the first to hear about those then please sign up here

The main features and functionality, and of course your swim history, will remain in the SwimIO app. If you wish to continue tracking then you just need to update in the New Year when you see the little red update flag (or if you have auto-update enabled you don’t need to do anything!). We’re still working on our plans for 2017 and we’ll share these as soon as we can. 

Download SwimIO from the iTunes app Store here -

If you have any questions about the changes then please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at