Below are a selection of happy customers using AiT operator software and services. Some of the biggest and smallest operators, If you have any questions whatsoever why not get in touch with a real human. Call 01604 432137.

 "BPL have used Active in Time from the beginning and we have been very impressed with the appearance, functionality and user friendliness of it. We have embedded the timetables within our own website and they have been a vast improvement for our staff and customers to use. We love the customisable features of the system which have enabled us to create timetables that fit in with our branding and corporate identity. The technical support and assistance also deserves a mention as it has been excellent, we have never had a question that couldn’t be answered! The recent addition of the GymJam App has been brilliant and we look forward to using the system for a long time. Thank you!” - Siobhán Dransfield, Digital Media Executive, Barnsley Premier Leisure (BPL)

"We’ve worked with Active in Time as their first API client and from the outset it’s made life easier for us. Being able to change timetabling all in one place is just what we need, particularly when they expanded the system to cover workout classes. In AiT we keep control over the marketing of our activities, but delegate responsibility for keeping it up to date to individual centre staff. Support from the AiT team from has been consistently fantastic and we’re keen to explore some of the new functionality, such as linking in with Zoom Media digital players we have in our centres” - Catharine Simonds, Marketing Manager, Places for People


"I can’t begin to tell you how brilliant your Fitness Class and Pool timetables are. Here in Milton Keynes we have two Leisure Centre’s, one with a pool and both with fitness class programmes, as well as numerous community pavilions some of which also have fitness class programmes and all on a total of 13 websites. Each centre with fitness classes has a main timetable plus separate web pages for each class , each with its own mini timetable. On top of this we cross promote various classes across all the websites in the area. This meant that updating the sites with new programmes or adjusting for holiday times, used to be very time consuming. Now I just go in to the master tables on AiT, set up the holiday and special event days, and it’s all done for me wherever I’ve put the embeds on whichever sites. Then it just takes a couple of notes on our website and facebook to say: “Check the ‘live’ programme for details.” and it’s ‘Job done’! I think you are all simply genius!" Sandra Robertson, Marketing Co-ordinator, Hertsmere Leisure

 "Active in Time has provided us with the perfect solution to the issues which the sheer nature of timetabling causes. Centre staff now update them directly themselves so there's no need to contact our central team as they had to previously with updates. And because of the new software they are now more aware than ever that customers are looking at the timetables online. It has standardised the classifications we use and where there was once multiple pdfs of differing quality and layouts, the new timetables provide consistency and ease of access for the customer. The customer's online experience has been greatly improved and the website now provides a far more professional and seamless service." - Emma Ingle, Marketing Manager, Fylde Coast YMCA


 “Since we have used AiT for our classes it has not only made the process easier but also much quicker. Previously we had to make the changes, get them improved and then someone from IT would change the webpage which wouldn't appear until 24 hours later. Now I do the changes as and when needed. It could be that a class needs to change time or is cancelled. If that is the case I go to our area and make the change, which is instant. Also you don't need to be an IT genius to learn how to use it. I know because I'm not!” - Chris Storer, Whitby Leisure Centre Manager, Scarborough Council