SwimIO - Beta Swimming "Pace App" now available on Pebble

We've recently released our second swim app for Pebble with an app designed to motivate you to keep to your pace whilst you swim. SwimIO's Pacer app aka "Kevin Pacey" [Geddit :)]

The beta app is the first of many mini-apps as we aim to be your personal, and virtual swim coach. The Pacer app means you stay on pace in the pool as smart vibrations to help you adjust your speed.  The beta app also includes:

  • Vibration alerts as you near your target time
  • Summary statistics so you can improve swim after swim
  • Rest time so you can repeat over multiple sets 


If you have a Pebble and love swimming then give it a try, it's free of charge. Download from Pebble store  here  and let us know what you think. 

If you have a Pebble and love swimming then give it a try, it's free of charge. Download from Pebble store here and let us know what you think. 

SwimIO also got a shout out from Team Pebble (Thnks @GetPebble) in their recent blog post about San Francisco Marathon and training with a Pebble. The article also gives a $20 discount on a Pebble so if you haven't got one, grab the discount code and order one today.  



The London Aquatic Centre opens with AiT Timetables

This weekend saw the opening of the London Aquatic Centre - the former London 2012 Olympic Pool to the public.

We were lucky to get a tour of the pool a few weeks back and it really is an 'awe inspiring' place.
The building is majestic, the pool facilities probably the best and most modern anywhere in the world and you just can't help yourself from wanting to dive in!  

AiT is also proud to be associated with the opening as the London Aquatic Centre uses AiT's Timetable services. The centre's website displays the extensive swim and dive programme in AiT's interactive format with the ability to select activity, day or session.  

Image courtesy of GLL. Pool now open without the extended seating! 

Image courtesy of GLL. Pool now open without the extended seating! 

We really think the facilities will inspire a new generation of swimmers - everyone at AiT can't wait to swim there. In fact, we've even been talking about moving our office closer to the pool.
[The Guardian has a great piece about the pool opening, check it out here]



Wearable Tech Trends : Activity Trackers & Smart Watches, CES 2014

We attended CES2014 and wrote up some notes to share with our team when we got home. We thought others might find these useful too - so here's a summary. We’re mainly interested in waterproof devices and sports and fitness so it’s written from this perspective. 

This deck covers the main device types, a possible market segmentation and a brief summary of each device. We’ve also included other wearable references and inspiration we spotted at CES2014. Feel free to get in touch with any questions. [We’d also recommend the newly launched wearables database]

Any questions, feel free to get in touch via the contact form or @chrismoisan



AiT @ CES 2014

Quick note to say AiT will be at CES this year with our friends from Speedo.  If you want to meet up please get in touch. We'll also post a run down of the show afterwards.    




Launch of Michael Phelps Swim Challenge

We're all really excited to see the Michael Phelps Swim Challenge finally appear on the Speedo Fit app. Things have certainly come along way since Splashpath days! Accompanying the virtual challenge is a great promo video Sally at Speedo put together including an interview with Michael. Well worth checking out.



"Data Collection Camp" Mallorca, Spain

As part of our wearable devices project we've been collecting gigabytes of swimming data. This month the team were in Spain and took the opportunity to collect some more sets in the hotel's 25m (unheated) infinity pool. It was early in the morning and at the end of October - so best described as "refreshing". Here's Jude on her first of many freestyle sets - if you look carefully you can spot Dan bravely jumping in about to start his.    



Splashpath Partners with Speedo International Limited

It's Official. See Press Release below. We're chuffed. 


LONDON, ENGLAND, ,9 May 2013  
Tech-City Mobile Start-up Makes Big Splash With Speedo International Ltd  Partnership

Active in Time Limited (AiT) makers of the Splashpath Swimming App for iOS have partnered with Speedo International Ltd, the global swimwear brand to launch a new mobile app for swimming fans.

Splashpath began over two years ago when Dan Morgan, a passionate swimmer became frustrated that the App Store was awash with apps for runners but ‘there wasn’t an app’ for swimmers. Dan joined forces with The Leisure Database Company, a leading authority on leisure and sports data. Together they developed Splashpath mobile app which helps people find their local pool and track their swims along with a sports operator timetable solution which enables pool operators to update and publicise their swimming timetables across the web and in the Splashpath App.

Since the launch of Splashpath the community of swimmers and operators has grown to become the UK’s leading swimming app and in 2011 was the Number 1 Health & Fitness App in the UK App store. Today, Splashpath users are swimming the equivalent of Dover-to-Calais and back again, 7 times each day.

The partnership between AiT and Speedo International Ltd will see the UK Splashpath App receiving a significant update including new name, design and features. Speedo will also launch the app internationally starting in China followed by Europe as an integral part of their new Get Speedo Fit initiative. 

Dan Morgan, Co-Founder of AiT and a passionate swimmer says “It’s brilliant news for Splashpath users, swimming pool operators and swimmers around the world. I started Splashpath from my bedroom but working with Speedo International we now have the resources and support to do so much more. Speedo’s got an incredible reputation for innovation and we’re excited to be collaborating and helping swimmers benefit from the latest gadgets and technology”

Sean Hastings, Vice President of Product and Marketing at Speedo International, said:

“The Splashpath team have done an amazing job building a swimming community around the mobile application and we are looking forward to collaborating with the team”



About Active in Time

Active in Time is a classic story of the internet age - from bedroom to boardroom. Started by Dan Morgan asking why there isn’t an app for swimming fans. Dan met The Leisure Database Company a leading authority on Sport and Leisure data and together they worked on Splashpath swimming app which was released in 2010.

Today Splashpath is the UK’s leading swimmer’s engagement and operator timetabling platform. The Splashpath iOS application is a unique way to find your local pool but also helps motivate swimmers by enabling them to sign up to a virtual challenge then track and share their progress on social media. The timetabling platform is used by pool operators to update and publicise their swimming timetables. In December 2012, AiT released GymJam, a mobile health & fitness application helping people find their local gym classes and recently introduced AiT Voice - an automated telephone service for leisure operators.  AiT is a Tech City startup based in TechHub @ Google Campus.

Splashpath app for iPhone – App store link
GymJam iOS app for iPhone - App store link

Media Enquiries, Christopher Moisan,

About Speedo®

The world’s leading swimwear brand, Speedo is passionate about life in and around the water, creating revolutionary new technologies, designs and innovations and supporting swimming from grass-roots through to elite level, including the phenomenal Michael Phelps. In the 1920s Speedo made history with the Racerback: the world’s first non-wool suit. In 2008 Speedo redefined swimwear again with Fastskin LZR RACER - the fastest and most technologically advanced swimsuit ever created. 2011 saw Speedo unveil another world first with the Fastskin Racing System - a cap, goggle and suit designed to work together as one.  Speedo is owned by Speedo Holdings B.V and distributed in over 170 countries around the world; to find out more visit: SPEEDO, the ARROW device, FASTSKIN, AQUALAB, RACING SYSTEM, SPEEDO BIOFUSE, SPEEDO ENDURANCE, SPEEDO SCULPTURE and LZR RACER are registered trademarks of Speedo Holdings B.V. The LZR RACER suit has worldwide design rights and patents. The FASTSKIN3 cap, goggle and suit has worldwide design rights and patents pending.